A Simpler Life

This year, I’ve been pondering the front yard.

Coffee in hand, I heard someone mowing.

A landscaping company was maintaining a couple of yards nearby. My yard needs help, and today was the day to ask for it. God’s perfect timing.

Last year, I did nothing with the yard. Grass doesn’t grow due to the shade from the ginormous oak tree. That’s okay. I’d rather have the majestic tree than grass in this stage of my life, but the weeds grow.

I walked outside, followed the sound of the mower, and found the man behind it. Long story short, he mowed my yard, and will return once a month. Now, I can begin to envision enjoying my yard.

With the weeds gone, the yard can speak.


I’ve toyed with the idea of buying a weed-eater, or small mower and maintaining it myself. Most of my life has been spent taking care of things myself. I don’t wish to do that anymore. I can let others help.

This stage of life is to simply be enjoyed.

♥ ♥ ♥

We have lots of birds, but I have no feeder.

I wondered if the birds would use a feeder, so I took a trip to the hardware store to see what they have, but didn’t really see one I liked. Drove to another store, but same result. Nothing really pretty.

Before purchasing a feeder, lets do a test.

Birdseed Bell

The birds landed on it and pecked heartily.

I will find the right feeder, but there’s no rush.

It will happen when the time is right.

♥ ♥ ♥

The sweet part of life is within the timing. I’ve learned to meditate and truly enjoy the tools it gives. I’m still trying to find my groove with the morning pages, but I realize that anything in life worth doing takes time and consistent effort.

After working on the inside, it’s flowing outside.

It’s funny how the inside comes first.

Taking a step back, and looking for small tweaks to be made. Change doesn’t have to happen all at once. Do it in increments that lead to a simpler life.


12 thoughts on “A Simpler Life

  1. We are in the middle of a fairly large remodel — no walls being torn down, but we hired a local company to replace the siding on our house, prep and paint… now we are working on the inside. Wretched accoustical ceiling tiles, old and stained, have been covered by 3 1/2″ wood plank and trimmed with 2 1/2″ crown molding all around. To save money, we are painting it ourselves, as well as the walls. When we are finished, the workers will come back to install our new waterproof (actually 13 year old chihuahua who pees randomly proof) flooring. I look forward to CAREFULLY putting our belongings back, editing, purging as a means to create a more visually simple environment. An environment that invites peace and less maintenance. More time for enjoying each other and our extended family and friends.

    Simplicity sounds absolutely ENTICING. 🙂

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  2. This is a lovely, lovely post! ❤ Keep up the great work (your life's work that is!) xoxoxoxo P.S. Birds are wonderful companions. I have a family of fat quail that come to my yard twice a day. I have a huge bird seed block on the ground for them. Later this summer I will need to hang something in the trees, and scatter seed on the ground. (Not wanting the neighborhood bears to dine on the bird offerings!)

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    1. They are aren’t they? Yes, I scattered seed on the ground last year, but the squirrels devoured it. After posting this, I found the perfect feeder! Will post it at some point. 🙂

      Thank you lovely. Your words of encouragement fill my cup. xx Neighborhood bears? Oh my! xxx

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      1. I live on the Jemez river. One summer day as I walked in the river (only 2 inches of water during irrigation season) I saw a bear track in the river. FRESH! Yikes. I only have one ground squirrel here. They are territorial so he will be the only one to dine. So he’s welcome to come.

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  3. Like you I have had to let go and allow others to help me and do. I have been pretty much a one man band for most of my life. It is good to let go, let God chose who should help bring them in. Life is so much easier. If I ask, I just get told to sit back and relax for now, Bless you

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    1. It’s like God already has the right people lined up. He’s just waiting for us to ask.

      I’ve also found that these people are givers. By not asking for their help, we miss the blessing and they miss out on giving. xxx

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