It’s Only Pizza!

Everyday at the pizza place is different.

It depends on who and how many walk in.

When I leave to go home, God shows me a little snippet of why I’m there. Last night was no exception. I made mistakes.

Mistakes (1)

I work the front of the restaurant alone.

Lastnight, several families came in at once.

I was trying to take their order as quickly as possible and get them seated, so they could enjoy their evening meal. I need to stop moving so quickly.

Two families ordered beer with their pizza. The register has changed. You used to be able to tap the name of the beer and it would add it automatically, but we’ve added pitchers of beer along with mugs.

Now you have to choose the size, or it doesn’t know the dollar amount to charge. Just the name of the beer and $0.00 appear. I forgot to tap the ‘mug’ size, so I had just given 4 people free beer. 😦


I addressed one couple about my mistake. They didn’t think anything of it. The woman came up to the counter to pay, and ordered two more.

Then there was this sweet, elderly couple sitting over in the corner. Sipping their beer and enjoying the pizza. I didn’t have the heart to tell them!

I told myself that I would suck up my mistake, and cover the cost of their beers, but God had other plans. God doesn’t want us to carry the burden of a mistake. He wants us to learn from it and move on.

The elderly gentleman came up to the counter holding an empty glass. He asked for a refill, and that’s when I apologized and told him I hadn’t charged him for the previous two. He understood and handed me enough cash for all three.

He placed the remaining dollars in the tip jar!

Something like this happens when I begin to rush. I make mistakes, but I continue to learn. The owner of the restaurant doesn’t want me beat myself up. He always says, “C’mon Barb! It’s only pizza!”

10 thoughts on “It’s Only Pizza!

  1. I love visualising you at the pizza place. Hearing the way you learn to slow yourself down and begin to be ok with mistakes is heartening…

    First day talking to a new mental health team in my job and I presented a huge mis-understanding of a new role to the team. For the first time in forever I didn’t feel afraid to hold up my hands and say “woah, I got that one wrong!” It was liberating and I have already had the chance to be vulnerable and human with a team who are very demoralised. God knows, when we need to just make those mistakes. Love ya!

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    1. Haha…Thank you lovely! It’s a great adventure!

      Good for you! You wronged the right quickly, and it does show people who we are and that we have morals.

      God does know. What we see as mistakes, God uses as opportunity for us to learn and grow. Much love to you! xxx

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  2. “God doesn’t want us to carry the burden of a mistake. He wants us to learn from it and move on.” I would have felt compelled to do the same as you, to suck it up and move on, so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. I can see that my natural overly-sensitive nature does not always serve the greater good. This post makes the idea of a mistake something we can learn from. Not just something to hide, or hide from others. Nice work Pizza Lady! ❤

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    1. Oh yes lovely. The first thing my mind tried to do was figure out how to make everyone happy with this. That would typically mean to be quiet about it. The only person that knew was me.

      But God has always prompted me to do the next right thing. No matter how embarrassing or awkward, it’s just the only way I’ve found that always works.

      OMG….’Pizza Lady’….You are adorable! ❤

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