A Gratitude Jar

I didn’t do my Morning Pages this morning.

It’s all good though. My daughter has classes, and I chose to spend time with her before she left.


Thank you for your encouraging comments yesterday about These Two Jars. I found a shoe-box and dumped the pieces of paper inside. It lost all appeal. It was like the shoe box covered up the idea. I’d probably forget about writing on a slip of paper a day using the box, so back to the jar we went.

Walking away from the shoe box with jar in hand, I just plopped it down on top of the coffee bar to ponder it’s placement. Seeing the jar sitting there this morning, it looked at home, even though it was not planned. Scooping up the pieces of paper from the box I placed them back inside the jar.


Sometimes I make things more complicated than they should be. The gratitude jar was a simple idea I read about, and then tried to make perfect.

The first idea is the best idea.

Stick with the original idea. That is called inspiration when the idea of adding something meaningful to our lives first strikes. To hear that still small voice and follow through. Logic is overrated in my opinion because by following your heart there doesn’t seem to be a lot of logic to it.

By  paying attention to what’s around us, we can instill the simplistic beauty of a gratitude jar.


9 thoughts on “A Gratitude Jar

  1. This is such a lovely idea! I have a tendency to overcomplicate things so I’m glad you mentioned that as it’s just reminded me that there’s beauty in simplicity 💕

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  2. This reminds me of my cousins/aunt/uncle. They would grab small match books from restaurants, hotels, or places they stayed and pop them in a jar. The jar kept filling over the years. When they felt like it, someone would stick their hand in the jar and bring out a matchbook. Everyone would have to remember where they were, when, and what fun they had. It was a lovely memory jar! I love that idea and have thought of it over the years. Your idea is great as well. Keep it up! xoxo ❤

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    1. Well…..you just reminded me that my ex-husband and I used to do that. We collected matchbooks from every place we went. It’s hard to find matchbooks laying out for the taking today. I wonder if they have stopped being made?

      There is no time like the present love. xx I’m looking forward to dumping the slips of paper out of the jar at the end of the year and to read what I was thinking. It should show signs of growth! Thank you for being here. ❤


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