The Shopping Cart

I want God to do big things in my life.

He has done many big things for me over the years, but the big things are easy to notice. It’s the small, everyday things I tend to take for granted.

Over my life, I’ve listened to a lot of Joyce Meyer teachings. Her words stick with me. She is the only person who can yell and make me feel better!

Early in Joyce’s ministry, God prompted her to put her grocery cart back in it’s designated area after shopping. This seems so small, but to God it’s big.


It’s simple obedience.

I’ve stopped at this local store twice this week. Both times there was a shopping cart sitting on the sidewalk of the store in my path. I grabbed it and walk it inside.

I do the same thing at the grocery store.

Maybe that’s make it easier on the next person.

Thank you God for keeping an eye on me with the little things. God begins small and gradually builds from there. We have to be prepared for big.

A lot of small steps lead to big, and a better life may be disguised as the shopping cart.

15 thoughts on “The Shopping Cart

  1. I put away my cart as well. Our son Zach’s job was gathering carts and it is a very difficult task. I think it is definitely a task for robots which is how they gather at Target. That being said, I do totally get your message of paying it forward for the next person. Small miracles happen all around us.

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  2. I have not used a shopping trolley as we call em in the UK for sometime, but when I did use them often, I would pick up a stray one that no one put back in its proper place when they had done for my shopping, then put it back neatly where it should have been in the first place. This seemed to be a regular habit for me, regardless which shop I went in.

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  3. Interesting timing on this post. The other day my guy and I went to a store and we came out to see a perfectly able bodied young man just leave his cart in the middle of the parking space next to him. A few steps would have stored the cart away. I commented about it and my guy stopped the car, got out and moved the cart. The young man gave us a dirty look, and I find myself wondering why it was such an imposition to this guy to do the very simple RIGHT THING.

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