God Has Better in Store

I love the way life is our teacher.

We can learn so much by paying attention.

I noticed the birds hadn’t used the bird feeder in a while. The feeder was introduced in the post It Took Years. It’s a beautiful feeder, but it’s been a battle with the squirrels. They could easily pop open the lid and dive all the way in for a feast.

We’ve had a lot of rain recently and it would seem that rain is not a friend of the feeder. Upon further investigation the seed was wet and molded.

I tried to save the feeder by washing it out.

There was no way to open the bottom to clean out the impacted seed, so the feeder was ruined. Note to self…Bring feeder inside during storms.

This is where it’s a choice. I could throw the clogged up feeder away and be done with the whole idea, but I love seeing the birds in the yard!

My new bird feeder.

A trip to the local hardware store solved the issue.

This feeder cost the same amount of money as my last one, and it will be a fight for the squirrels. The lid locks and is almost as human proof as squirrel. If a squirrel grabs a perch the entire feeder slides down and the feeding holes close.

It can display three types of birdseed and vibrates massive Zen hanging by the Arbor. It surprised me was how much my taste has changed in a short amount of time. This one is so sleek compared to the previous one.

Remember me? I’m pretty but won’t last.

When we let go of something a space opens up for new. We don’t have to hold on and try to fix it, or make it work. Just let it go. God has better in store.

2 thoughts on “God Has Better in Store

  1. Thanks for the post. Life is always showing us the way. The little things are where I learn the most, and have the biggest ah-ha moments.

    As for me, squirrels and feeders, I throw a large scoop of seed out my back door sprinkling it all about. There is one squirrel, very passive, and not quite like the squirrels back home which are relentless bullies. He’s a ground squirrel and the only one in my yard. Here in NM if you are lucky enough to have a squirrel, there is that one in your yard. No fighting. No gorging of seeds. No hoarding. Just being one of the gang.

    I have quails that come bobbing along, lots of sparrows, finches, towhees, occasionally a canyon Jay (not like the sassy Jays up north where I’m from.) Do what you can to enjoy your birds! If squirrels take over, find a way to enjoy them! (Did I say that? lol) I totally know what you mean. ❤ Thanks again.

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    1. See? You have a sweet squirrel. The one that lives in my tree is a relentless ass. I will ponder this darling. Thank you for your thoughts. Much love and many blessings to you! ❤


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