Magical Mom Moments

I sent my daughter a Marco Polo.

I called the video, your ‘Magical Mom Moments.’

These candles are one of my all-time faves. They burn a long time, smell sensational, and the containers are beautiful. Once the candle is done, it hurts my heart to throw it away, but no more!

Voluspa Candle

That little bit of candle left in the bottom was difficult to remove until I heard this tip.

Place it in the freezer.

The wax will contract and crack from the freezing temperature creating easy removal. Wick and all!

That is what I did and it worked perfectly. The wax is gone and I have a beautiful container to use.

Even when the nest is empty my darlings, continue having magical Mom moments.

12 thoughts on “Magical Mom Moments

  1. I like that tip. How long did you leave it in the freezer for?

    When I have been saving my jars that candles had been in, I would stand in boiling water for so long and get rid of that remainder. But this tip sounds so much better.

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      1. I will try this way when I next need to save a jar.
        I received a large Yankee candle for my birthday, so when used up, I would like to reuse this jar for something.

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      2. I will let you know in an email later, as it will last me this one. So don’t be surprised if a good few months down the line. 🙂

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