Meet Big Red

I enjoy living in this peaceful little lake town, but I’ve not taken advantage of the lake part. Lake Travis is less than a mile away from my home so…

I bought a paddle board. Meet Big Red.

He sat in my dining room until I took him out for the first time this week. It was love at first flight.


The lake is full of people and activity on the weekends, so I take him out during the week.

Big Red and I have big plans, but the first time was just to get over that little bit of fear I had to just do it. You know the scenarios that run through your mind before attempting anything new. It sounded more difficult in my mind than it actually was.

The hardest part was getting him in and out of my truck bed gracefully. He’s ten feet long and weighs 40 lbs. Accomplishing that alone was a workout.


It’s work, but there’s an immediate reward.

As soon as it hits the water and I climb on top I find my Zen. I’m going to teach myself to do Yoga on him eventually, but right now we’re just learning.

Thanks YouTube!

I’ve been looking at boards for months, but couldn’t find a color that resonated. When I began seeing red, Google took all my searches for boards and a red board randomly popped up on my phone.

Was it random? Nothing is random.

There will be more to come, but I just wanted to introduce my WordPress family to the newest member of my family. My darlings, meet Big Red.

12 thoughts on “Meet Big Red

  1. You are gutsy to get Big Red in your life. Congratulations! I’m not that brave. Well, I think I’m not that brave. I love running full speed ahead on a race horse in the desert. Water? That’s a bit scarier for me. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

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    1. Hello there lovely! I have been called gutsy a time or two in my life. 🙂 Those moments make life fun and more interesting!

      You are brave. Running full speed ahead on a race horse would terrify me! Thank you darling! ❤


  2. Barb, have I ever told you how much I love reading your posts. In a busy and complicated life, I am often reminded through your imagery that the important things are there when I slow down and appreciate them. Thank you.

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