Will Find You

I read this quote and made it into a meme.

I’m grateful that I learned how to make memes. When I first began, a stranger stepped up and sent me a message that was very discouraging.

He owns several Facebook pages with lots of followers, so maybe he was trying to help the newbie? I stopped making them for a while after that.

He didn’t approve of the font I was using.

Back then, I was just learning and experimented with every type font. Each quote has a unique feel and deserves it’s own background and style.

I looked at one of his pages and every meme was on a black background with the same font.

Aesthetically pleasing.

Mine come from the heart.

They are not perfect, but it’s not so much how they look, but what they say. When I make one, I feel someone needs to hear that today. Maybe it’s you.

Joy is of the heart. Keep doing what makes your heart happy my darling and joy will find you.


10 thoughts on “Will Find You

  1. I’m always a bit floored by people who step in and make comments like that. I am a graphic artist and part of the true joy in my work is the joining of images and type in ways that say something, that communicate more than just the content alone. He’s entitled to his way of communicating, too, just not stepping on yours. IMHO. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I love how boring people dictate to others, so he had many followers but what was his ratio of people liking post to number of followers that is what counts. I love your posts they come from your soul it is filled with beauty, they are a reflection of you and your intent to help others. You also reflect your personal growth and understanding too. There is more to creating a post for the right people bashing them out ad infinitum is for people who cannot think for themselves. You know, Oh yeah but still do they understand, not a word.

    Success is reaching just one who fully understands your point or post. They were waiting for what you have just written. Keep on doing what you do it is good.

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    1. I love it when you get riled up! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, he has a different mission than me. Success is indeed reaching that one who needed to hear what you wrote. They are waiting.

      Thank you lovely. You bless my very soul. โค

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