Save the Lizard

It was a long seven minutes waiting for the French press of coffee to be at it’s peak this morning. I normally set a timer for it, but instead just periodically glanced at the clock.

While I was waiting, our younger dog Winnie, began playing with something on the floor. We’ve had a baby lizard living in the house this week and Winnie had spotted the lizard.

I told her, “No no,” and she let it be. A few minutes later our big boy Denver spotted it, but he wasn’t as willing to leave it alone. I grabbed a glass out of the cupboard and scooped the lizard up into it.

It was so tiny. Smaller than my pinky.

I walked outside and released it into the yard. Small acts of kindness are not exclusively toward people. Even if I don’t see a person today, I believe the lizard had a good start to it’s day. The outdoors has to be better than a dog’s belly.

Within those seven minutes I remembered time passes either way. It’s what we do with our time that makes a difference. Being presently in the moment and aware of what is happening around us allows ample opportunity to fine tune our world. To make it better for everyone involved.

What began as waiting for coffee was really the perfect amount of time to save the lizard.

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11 thoughts on “Save the Lizard

  1. I save everything, too. Even Jazzy, my cat, who so wants to pounce on some little creature who’s mistakenly gotten in the house, now knows when I hold up my finger and say `Wait’ to let me capture it and take it outside. At least they have a chance!

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  2. A girl after my own heart. We always have solo cups lying at the front door. When someone asked my husband why he said, “It means my Buddhist wife has released another bug into the wild.” I’m not a Buddhist, per se, but I do have some of their tendencies.

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  3. Lizards umm my cats love to catch and play in the early days of encountering lizards one jumped up and caught it. It went straight down her throat, poor love she was sick after that. I usually do as you scoop them up on the dust pan and throw them out.

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  4. Wow. How small that lizard was. I know they can be small when young, but I did not know they could be that small.
    I bet when you saved the lizard, your coffee was done and waiting for you.

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  5. 🙂 You caught my attention with that title and I had to find about more about saving the lizard.

    The lizard is lucky in the sense that you got to the lizard before your dog.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, my friend.

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