I’m Not Empty

It’s funny what you get used to. I take a lot for granted. Especially morning routines.

I’m having Oral Surgery this afternoon and can’t eat or drink beforehand. This is a pitiful picture to post. It made me a little bit sad walking into the kitchen, knowing I couldn’t fix it.


My body is confused. It expects water and then coffee. It’s going to be really confused this afternoon coming off anesthesia, but the body knows how to heal. God designed it that way.

I may be a little hungry and thirsty, but glory to God, I’m not empty.



8 thoughts on “I’m Not Empty

    1. My darling Liz. xx Thank you!

      I didn’t have the surgery, which will be a Blog within itself. When I arrived for the appointment, they asked for payment up front. I was unaware and not prepared for what occurred.

      My dental insurance is with the company I do work for, so I handed the lady my business credit card. The company had failed to list me as a user for the card. I’m sure they just forgot, but they wouldn’t do the surgery without payment. 🙂

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