Unleash Some Inspiration

I gave my Gmail a deep cleaning.

Once I took care of the pile of email, I saw 12 Blog posts ideas sitting there.

You see my darling, I write from the heart. When I feel inspiration come from within, I take the appropriate pictures, or download the meme and send it to myself.

They sit and wait to be used. Some emails have a title, but the title is subject to change while typing. The one I’m posting today has been waiting a long time.

When you write from the heart, there is no schedule. My heart is full and when it overflows you see a post daily. While the heart takes a rest, you won’t see a post.

I also text ideas to myself, but that list is shorter than what’s sitting in email. I have about half a dozen ideas on text and they are more recent. When you over 50 and become inspired, you write it down, or soon forget!

Then there’s the ‘not forgetting’ you wrote something down in a moment of inspiration. Hence the emails and texts to myself. 🙂

The beginning is where we’ll start.

This meme inspired me on January 9, 2019. Let’s unleash some inspiration.



8 thoughts on “Unleash Some Inspiration

  1. I find I am doing a deep cleaning every week on the email, but I just can’t get to the bottom! I do so love that little story❤️❤️

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  2. Love the text on how to change yourself to change the world around you for the better. I try to do that very thing everyday and get to interact with other people in a relaxed and happy way. This is such a nice post – thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you darling! I believe that meme spoke to my heart because it was the beginning of the year. I’d made a vow to plug into community, or ‘walk into her neighborhood.’

      I’m happy you do that lovely. Isn’t that sweet? “To interact with people in a relaxed and happy way.” As it should be.

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