It’s Been Fun

A little role reversal occurs as they get older. My daughter said, “I want you to eat this weekend and that doesn’t mean only coffee.” 🙂

This morning, my daughter and I were laughing at some of our moments over the past six years. She has quotes from me stored in her phone. What’s even worse is she also has videos. Both are hilarious, but that’s been our life. 

We laugh so hard we cry!

Today, I was looking at my memories on Facebook. The pictures from 2013-2015 were so blurry. It was the beginning of our life alone together and I didn’t know then what I know now. Life was blurry and so were my pictures.


It’s crazy what we went through while living in that house, but that’s what we were laughing about this morning. We’ve learned and don’t want to go through any of that again.

A life with no regrets can look and sound rather crazy, but it’s been worth it.

When we stopped laughing, I asked her, “Are you going to be able to use any of this?” She was happy we were referring to the past and said, “Nope, but it’s been fun.”

No regrets.

5 thoughts on “It’s Been Fun

  1. I’m with you on `no regrets.’ You hear so many people talk about how they would have done this or that differently if they had the chance, but we’re doing the best we can at this moment in time, and things are going the way they’re supposed to be going. It’s all good, no?

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    1. What’s funny is we wouldn’t have done anything differently with the knowledge we had in that moment. We had to learn. Now, if we could go back in time with that knowledge, that would be a different story, but what’s the fun in that?

      Yes my darling. xx It’s all good. xx

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