Walk Like Wind

What did you want to be as a child? It may not apply today, but it’s still in you. I always wanted to be a model.

At age 13, I went through an awkward stage of braces and glasses. Mama took me to a modeling agency and they said, “Come back when you lose the braces and glasses.” It sounded mean, but they were just being honest.

I grew out of the braces and glasses and went back to that modeling agency at age 17. They wanted me to do runway because of my height. I was 5′ 9″, but it was embarrassing to walk down a runway in front of a group of strangers. I didn’t like being stared at and people still stare.

I left the modeling world at 22.

In high school, I was constantly ridiculed about my height. I watched a movie recently about a ‘tall girl’ and could feel every mean thing said to her. “How’s the weather up there!” I heard those same things 40 years ago, but today it’s a movie.

Yesterday, I was walking through a store and this little boy said, “Wow! She’s tall!” I probably looked like a giant to him, but I was made this way.

My daughter and I still laugh about this one thing a lady said a couple of years ago. We were walking into a nail salon and I was wearing a new pair of high heels. When we got into the salon, a lady said, “You walk like wind!”

The modeling world taught me how to walk in high heels. You walk tall, shoulders back and head held high. It stuck with me and I find myself walking that way still. Maybe that’s why this picture resonates with me so much.


God made us in His image.

Walk like wind.

22 thoughts on “Walk Like Wind

    1. It’s hilarious! My daughter calls me ‘wind’, but even the wind doesn’t blow hard everyday. I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

      It’s a really good movie, especially the end. The ending explains something you see throughout the movie. Thank you my darling. Today, you can call me the breeze. ❤

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  1. This resonates with me so much, mainly because I struggled with being myself. Everyone made it sound so simple (and it is), but it’s not, especially in a world where people always have a judgment. The same way you’ve heard tall comments, I’ve heard short ones…all…my…life! Anywho, thanks! This is a nice picture, too.

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  2. Thought provoking post! Peoples’ words can be so hurtful, some not intentionally, some deliberately but it is important to address the comments, to ask what they mean by their comment, to voice how it makes you feel and hopefully bring about a new level of awareness.

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  3. I’m the other end of the spectrum….short….and my daughter is shorter than me. My friend m would literally get picked up by people. The commonality is that people are mean and judgmental

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