A Peaceful Sunday

I posted this photo on Facebook.

What a blessing that these pictures reflect my actual life. The caption said, “Happy Sunday. It’s ‘be good to you’ day. Which should be everyday, but it’s a little bit sweeter on a Sunday.”

The Chemex

It’s how this day began.

Sunday has rapidly become my favorite day of the week. What I do today and the care I take, sets the stage for tomorrow. There are no plans for today and no ‘to do’ list that needs checking off. The list will be looked at tomorrow.

As I was backing out of Facebook, SC Lourie posted this. It watered my heart and describes this Sunday feeling spot on. I downloaded it to share with you. That’s what virtual friends do…We steal each others memes. 🙂


It reminded me of this quote I recently made note of. “Enjoy where you are on the way to where you’re going.” My hope is that no matter what you do today, you enjoy it.

Have yourself a peaceful Sunday.

10 thoughts on “A Peaceful Sunday

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