That Sunday Feel

Sunday’s are for wearing what I want.

November calls for layers. Jeans with holes worn in them. Chenille house shoes trimmed in fur with real soles to step outside if needed. I’m pretty sure nothing I have on matches, but it feels good, like a Sunday.

Our favorite blankets folded and ready for the taking on a nearby ottoman. Soft lighting and a few more candles lit than normal. The decanter is filled with hot cocoa, alongside giant marshmallows for roasting. November looks good on you Sunday.

Pretty much love these memes.



Here’s to you and having that Sunday feel.


  1. Adil Parray says:

    I seem to be much happier on Saturday evening rather than sundays. On sundays, i’m mostly thinking ‘Ahhh! I have to go to office tomorrow.”

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      I understand. Since writing this post, I’ve changed. My favorite ‘feel’ has become Friday at 5:01 pm. 🙂

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    That’s a very good point! Sometimes we need to trust that things are working out exactly the way they should.

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  3. dfolstad58 says:

    what a nice word picture, all cuddled up and with hot cocoa. Love it

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  4. A. Michelle! says:

    Exactly. All the feels. ☺️

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  5. Something better and more suited for us is waiting and Our Heavenly Father will bring it forward at the right time. Move on from things which are not working.

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