Be at Home

I spent some time over the weekend looking at the changes in my life.

I went to see a neighbor yesterday and it was like stepping back in time. Her husband was sitting on the couch watching a football game. I had forgotten it’s football season. This time last year, I was sitting on a couch watching football.

Later, I was driving into town and saw an abundance of firewood for sale. This time last year was all about the firewood. Where I was, there was a fireplace. This year, I asked my landlord if he would be willing to to knock down a wall and put one in this little house. He said, “No.”

Hey, you don’t know until you ask.

My other neighbor told me I could buy a fireplace. He saw a little heater that resembled a fireplace, so I did some research.


This is what I came home with.

I actually like this little guy better than the real thing. With the flip of a switch you have instant cozy, no mess and no wood to buy.

We have heard it said, ‘Home is where the heart is’, but today my darlings, this heart is home.


  1. Liz says:

    Although I am now living in a place where I don’t feel the need for a fireplace, this type of heater you have bought for your own fireplace is the style I like. When I once lived in the one that had a lovely closed off fireplace was once where I nearly got one of these.

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  2. I love this! Can you please link to where you got it? I think I would like something like this for our home!

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      It’s extreme goodness. My neighbor saw it at WalMart, so that’s where I went. The day I went in, it was on Rollback on the website and they honored the price, so I saved $35. Amazon has them as well. Duraflame has the best reviews. I hope you treat yourself my darling!


  3. Alien Resort says:

    The hearth is home too.

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  4. Marty says:

    Beautiful!! I like any kind of fireplace! They all offer warm and cozy- but so does soft music, a candle, a warm blanket, a cup of cocoa. Make your own warmth with what you have!

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      Oh yes lovely. I take full advantage of the items you mentioned. Love cozy! Thank you Marty! ❤


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