To Feel Embraced

It may look messy, but this feels needed.

I woke up before the dawn and lit my holiday candle. Strolled into the den to grab my stacks of reading from the coffee table. Brought it all into the bedroom and plopped it on my bed. It’s only Friday, but I’m where I need to be.


Self care doesn’t have to be pretty.

The beauty comes after the care.

The first thing I read this morning said, “One drop of the Lord’s mercy is better than an ocean of the world’s temporary comfort.”~Lysa TerKeurst ‘Embraced’. I can do all sorts of things to bring temporary comfort, but I know where to find that steadfast love and mercy.

I’ve been swimming in the words of SC Lourie and practicing speaking to myself like someone I love. Here’s what I’ve been using.


My hope for you my darling is to feel embraced.


7 thoughts on “To Feel Embraced

  1. I came across your post today and I tried to read your affirmation posted above.. … I could NOT read it out loud without sobbing. Thanks for sharing your heart. May I share that affirmation on my page? I will be more than happy to link back to you. As I am just starting my blog.

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    1. Hello my darling! Aw…the heart needs a good, cleansing sob every now and again. The meme of the affirmation was actually written by one of my peers, SC Lourie. It was part of her Soul Reset Journey. It blesses me that you wish to use it, and of course you’re more than welcome to do so.

      If it won’t let you download, simply send me an email at It will be my pleasure to attach it to an email for sharing. ❤


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