The Bigger Plan

I had the plan. It was on my list for 2019.

Teeth fixed. √

Every time I’ve stepped into this plan of having my teeth fixed, it’s not gone as planned. Not my plan anyway. I was trying to save this one tooth and my Dentist was scheduled to remove the old filling and replace it with new. That was the plan and what I was prepared for in my mind.

He’s removed all the bad teeth and he’s stabilizing to replace. After he removed the filling, he decided it best to pull the tooth. The left side of my face was completely numb and I couldn’t feel a thing, but once he sat back in his chair, I knew what he meant.

Now Barb.

I freaked.


I asked him to give me a minute and he left the room to check on another patient. Time to get my mind right, so I began taking deep breaths in and out. When he came back in I was ready to close my eyes and pray.

This wasn’t my plan, but it’s working toward the bigger plan. After he extracted the tooth, he announced that we could proceed with building the replacement teeth once the gum has healed. That’s great news!

There is growth in the process.

The Dentist has put me in this situation before and the first time it happened, I got up and left. At least I stayed still this time and it’s behind me. Onward to the bigger plan!


7 thoughts on “The Bigger Plan

  1. Unlike you my life has been a long series of operations and treatments over more than four decades. Allowing these operations, and going through the failures has been tough some days, but it has also given me empathy and a comfort level in hospitals. Visiting others in hospitals for me is not an issue, I have spent up to five months straight in hospitals.
    Giving in to the bigger plan, especially one you can’t envision is not easy and you did it. I hope your journey will help others.

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    1. First off, thank you for sharing. You and I have not been following one another long, so forgive me for not knowing your health journey. Cannot imagine going through any type treatment that many years! You are a mighty warrior.

      You obtained a level of comfort in hospitals. People there need you as I’m sure you bring joy to their day. Surrendering to the bigger plan. There’s a reason we can only see the beginning and He will see us through to the end. Then we get to do next level stuff. 🙂 Thank you. To be used by Him.


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