The Dentist’s Chair

After I stood up from the Dentist’s chair, his hygienist went over a list of horrific things that could occur. I listened, but didn’t accept what she was saying personally.

The same thing happened during Breast Cancer treatment. The doctor’s went over a list of side effects that could happen. I tentatively listened, but didn’t receive any of it.

A friend had surgery and the doctor told him depression could set in afterwards. If he received those words, he might feel depressed.


Words are like seeds that take root.

Don’t be fertile ground for negativity.

Even in the Dentist’s chair.

4 thoughts on “The Dentist’s Chair

    1. Yes my darling, he’s good at leaving thoughtful comments. We shouldn’t let fear stop us beforehand or linger on afterwards. The size of the accomplishment doesn’t matter as much as just doing it regardless of what could happen. ❤


    1. This is true. What I enjoy about this particular scenario is they gave the warnings after the fact. The dental procedure was done, but this might happen. The Cancer treatment had already begun, but this could occur.

      There’s enough fear attached to the act itself. No need to carry it home with you. We can leave it there. Thank you for sharing. xx


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