Just Be Sweet

There’s memes floating around this time of year about, ‘finishing the year strong.’ It’s tiresome being strong all the time and I want to finish the year more gently. I’m taking the rest of the year off from being strong.


I’ve been told, “You come across a little strong.” Well, that’s what I’ve become, but it doesn’t have to be who I am.

I’ve also been told, “You’re so sweet’, and not solely from my daughter. Even though she tells me, I’m not very accepting of it. It’s like the words won’t sink into my skin, they swerve.

This morning I had a message from SC Lourie waiting for me. She’s so sweet and that is why I started following her so closely. I tend to follow the heart I want to have.

There’s two weeks left in the year. In what way do I want to spend it? I’m going to just be sweet.

14 Comments on “Just Be Sweet

  1. And the blog IS so sweet. Enjoy these last weeks of this year and stand new and renewed and SWEET for the new year. Sweet, my friend, you are.

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  2. Yes being sweet is good, but our paths are ones of strength. We need gentleness for ourselves. Now is a time for repose to nurture our own gentleness and kindness, wrap ourselves in this along with God. Though some people will need to be strong as it is a hard time for many.

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      • You have pulled into a passing point or resting place on the journey. You give so much and done well with your blogging. I wish you a blessed, and successful Festive Season filled with lots of love and Happy New Year.

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      • You noticed. Thank you for that. Yes, my darling…I’m sitting in a sunny spot. Thank you my friend. You have done so very well too! I wish for you the same Nanette! Much love, many blessings and may every good thing find you in the New Year. ❤

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