You Are Loved

Two days ago, I posted this meme on Letitgocoach Facebook page. I thought it’s sweet, but didn’t realize the impact it would have. People are drinking it up like water.


I was thinking, to find our true selves, it really is in the unbecoming. To peel off the layers of what has adhered to us. What this world has told us we should be and how we should act.

Who I am in private, when nobody’s watching, is who I truly am.

Do I like her? I love her.

Do other people like me? Some do, but I’ve been single since March and I see myself embracing the New Year single. I’m on that part of the journey to walk alone, but I don’t feel alone. My higher power is leading the way. Whenever I have moments of loneliness, someone reaches out, and that moment fills with love.

I’m grateful to this community.

You reassure me I am loved. When I hear notifications from the WordPress app coming in on my phone, it sounds like love. WordPress is the only app I have set to receive notifications, so I know it’s you!

Thank you for being here. You are loved.

15 thoughts on “You Are Loved

  1. (No labels, so I’ve edited this message several times. 🤦🏽‍♀️) My marriage ended 12 years ago; the divorce was even more brutal than the marriage. So I gave myself healing time. My last date was six years ago. I haven’t been in a “normal new” relationship since the marriage ended. Dating is miserably horrific…I’m a 70s Baby. ✊🏾☺️ Receiving your “Day After Christmas” message was divine timing. I’m forever grateful. You are loved…great message, great post. I’m affirming, always. 💞🥰

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    1. You’ve been divorced quite a while. I’m sorry the ending felt never-ending. There is a period of healing afterwards, and we need time and space for healing to transpire. Maybe instead of ‘normal new’, we can flip those words around to read, ‘new normal’. You most likely have acquired a new normal.

      Thank God for writing and divine timing. Thank God for you and that heart He gave you. Thank you for sharing that heart. ❤

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  2. Your are so loved. Being alone is a time we dig deeper into who we are and God opens us up more to be closer to Him. Being loved is not dependent on being in a relationship, but there are many types of relationship and some give more love than others. We have to accept this.

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    1. I have read all your blogs I like the one where you have notifications on this app. Maybe it’s this one. Lol. I hit like in everything so your app blows up with love. I’m more on Facebook and don’t check personal emails often but better late than not at all my friend

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