Loved Me Back

You should hug yourself for being here.

Not only do you have an active WordPress account, but you read posts daily. I challenged myself to post daily the month of December. Might have skipped a couple of days right before Christmas, but if so, it was by choice.

It’s sweet to be here by choice.

Every post was not loved by either of us, but that wasn’t the purpose of the challenge. It wasn’t to pull more traffic, or get more likes. We need time and space to enjoy one another’s posts. It was just to check my Blogging heartbeat.


This is my 5th year Blogging and it was my favorite. It took this long to figure out what works for me. I’ve read that Blogging becomes truly fascinating around the 10 year mark, so the way I see it…I’m halfway there.

If this is your first day, week, month, or year…welcome. It only gets better, if you love it. You have to love it, or you won’t enjoy it, and there’s so much here to love. What you pour into it is what you’ll get back.

And yes, my darling.

This is the year it loved me back.


15 thoughts on “Loved Me Back

  1. As a new blogger on WordPress, I’m really enjoying picking through your posts. So glad there are coaches like you who light the way by modeling how to show your heart through your words.

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  2. I am going through all my flagged emails and found this! Ten years before it gets interesting? But how long until it gets easier?

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      1. Keeping up! The social media is difficult and already do very poorly with that (I know you stopped). I have a store attached that I do nothing with, keeping up with other people’s blogs, Pinterest, and editing kills me. I am working on my need to be perfect with the edits.

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      2. I would have you ask yourself ‘why’ about each of these. It took years worth of lessons with social media. I’d stop and then go back out of guilt, but then I stopped and asked myself, “Why is it important to me?, What is my desired outcome?” It wasn’t that important to me.

        How many Blogs are you trying to keep up with? Why?

        What are you editing? Why? After you answer that, ask yourself ‘why’ again and again until you get to the bottom of it. The real reason. I’ve decided to only do what brings me joy. ❤

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