It Pays to Wait

It was New Years eve and my work-space was quiet. I took advantage of the time and thoroughly went through all of the WordPress themes. I saw one I really liked, but it wasn’t free. My daughter liked it too, but when I asked her if I should buy it she said, “You like to change your theme often, so if you buy it you might feel stuck with it.”

My first purchase was a couple of years ago with the personal plan, just to get rid of the annoying adds.

There’s over 450 themes to choose from and was close to giving up, when I spotted this one. I imagine it was entertaining for someone visiting my Blog during this marathon of themes. It changed every few minutes. This one was free and met all the criteria, but the final test was to see if it was mobile friendly.

It passed!


This morning, I received an email from WordPress. It was almost time to renew this site. I’ve been pondering moving from personal to premium, so today I did.

I knew I’d have more options with the premium plan, but what I didn’t know is, all of the themes are free!

I’m glad I waited and didn’t purchase the theme. For a few more dollars, I have the premium plan and can choose from any of the themes. I really like this theme and won’t change it anytime soon, but it’s nice to have that option. It pays to wait.


6 thoughts on “It Pays to Wait

  1. It’s good to change things up. I’m glad you found what suits you and That you embrace change. When I typed in ‘pretty’, nothing came up. 🙂

    I purchased the premium plan as an investment and for the additional features. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Hooray! I’ll have to check out your new site. I went premium a couple of years ago but haven’t reformatted in years. Now I’m feeling inspired!
    There’s something affirming about going ‘premium’. I hope you’re feeling it. Happy New Year Barb ❤️

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    1. You should do it. Changing your theme gives a whole, new perspective. Yes my darling. I’m feeling it. Thank you Elizabeth! This New Year, I hope you go after everything that sparks that beautiful heart of yours. ❤

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