You Be You

In Walk like Wind, I wrote about my hesitation of being tall. That’s what I was really getting at with yesterday’s post. Wearing the boots make me even taller, but I’m embracing it.

We are each uniquely made, so we don’t have to try and be different. We already are.


I came home to a vase full of sunflowers sitting on the table. I saw these the other day at the market and thought about buying them for my daughter. They have always been her favorite flower, but now that she’s 20, I thought she may have outgrown them and didn’t buy them.

Her father had the same idea, and he bought them for her. There’s still that little girl inside of her that loves them. Where’s that kid inside of you? What do they still want to be? You’re not too old and your time hasn’t passed.


It’s time to embrace that unique quality and you be you.


8 thoughts on “You Be You

  1. One of the nice things about getting so very much older, is that you kinda stop caring what other people think, there is no one you feel you have to impress, and you lean on the misconception that all old people are grumpy and losing it – leaves a person free to be exactly who they are!

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  2. I liked yesterday’s post but had trouble connecting from the email to the post page for some reason.
    I agree, the little boy in me still likes weaving down the road, I just pretend to be grown up when I’m on my bike 🙂

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