Better Than Good

A question we’re often asked is, “How are you?” How do you respond? Your response determines how you feel. Rise above the feeling of ‘okay’, to good. If you feel ‘good’, say, ‘great’ and on up. Be better than good.



6 thoughts on “Better Than Good

  1. This is a good reminder, people generally expect to hear “fine” or “OK” anything more than this puts negative people off balance. Try saying “Good” Great” or “Fantastic”. Fantastic is the show stopper. It is like how can you be fantastic when everyone is feeling down. Facial reactions are a picture.

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    1. Yes, what people expect us to say is typically a reflection of their feelings. I always say ‘great’, and sometimes ‘fabulous’, but you’re right…I receive looks of disdain and confusion. I have no problem being the oddball. 🙂 Thank you for sharing my friend. ❤

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  2. Interesting post and I read and commented. I can see some different sides to this. Healthwise for 36 years I have wanted to be okay, I didn’t need to be perfect but I wanted to be around. Now I have that hope.
    Okay, is not a wonderful adjective you would want your nurse to use to describe your surgeon, as you await surgery.
    Okay in a race of thousands in a marathon, I would probably accept as acceptable. Not okay is to give up on a dream, a hope – as giving up eliminates forever the chance of success. Not only that it eliminates the wonderful discoveries of taking on a challenge, I may never win an international speech contest but in my speeches I grow, and develop from the lessons I am learning.
    I think people can embrace failure for the benefits of learning, even if someone else thinks they are just okay, the triumph is in the learning, the lessons, which outlast the applause and the prize.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Even when attempting something new, I want to give it a ‘good’ try. To know that I did my best is good enough. While in the learning curve we grow, which brings about an even better result for every attempt. The only thing I reference ‘okay’ to is the weather. Everything else begins as good. Grow from there.

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