The Mindless Activity

The best ideas occur while showering.

They used to form while vacuuming, but this house doesn’t have any carpet, so the vacuum isn’t used often. While washing dishes is another good mindless activity.

These are things we do without thinking. They don’t take concentration, so the mind has room for an idea to surface.

In my case, I was showering when the idea popped into the forefront of my mind. The idea was not new. I’ve done this same idea 15 years ago. It doesn’t have to be new to be good. The great thing about doing it 10 or 20 years later, is what I learned the first time.

With age comes wisdom.


With age also comes hesitation.

My daughter and I have had an electric dishwasher in every house we’ve lived in. They never get used. There’s something about using your hands that releases the idea. The best ideas occur when we’re not thinking. Dreams of the heart don’t leave, they get buried.

Maybe this explains my love for the Chemex. Using my hands to bring about the first cup of coffee. Look around and see what you can do with your hands. We’re not looking for new, because God always starts at the beginning. What’s on your heart that’s waiting to begin?

Use your hands in a mindless activity.

31 responses to “The Mindless Activity”

  1. Well put! This is certainly true. It also got me thinking of a quote I heard once, although it is slightly off topic: “It’s hard to do a really good job on anything you don’t think about in the shower.” Paul Graham

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    • The Yoga mat works as well, but I find while mediating and Yoga, my mind is a flurry. Once the focus is on the breath, my mind clears and lays open.

      While doing something mindless with our hands, we not only get an idea, but we also accomplish something. Knitting sounds good as long as you can do it on autopilot. I tried cross stitching, but that takes counting and concentration, but I’ve been pondering learning to knit. If nothing else but my love for scarves. ❤

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