A Handwritten Note

I woke up this morning, took a glance at my phone and turned it off. Yesterday was not a pretty day at work, so this morning I took some time to manage my state. Yesterday is gone and today is a new day.

I sat down and wrote the Morning Pages. I learned about the Morning Pages one year ago, and this morning, they helped clear my mind.

The Morning Pages are written by hand, pen to paper and I noticed something as I was writing. I had to pause and think how to correctly spell some simple words. The ‘i’ and ‘e’ rule of grammar ran through my mind. While typing, spell check takes care of the misspellings and I’ve obviously become dependent upon that, but I kept writing. The pages aren’t supposed to be perfect. They are called the Morning Pages because they capture those ‘first thing in the morning thoughts.’

Maybe you journal. If so, I encourage you to continue to do so. Writing by hand is a gift. The up and coming generations aren’t learning cursive writing, but cursive writing is a beautiful thing. I write encouraging notes to friends and mail them at random. The note blesses them and me, because they always point out the handwriting.

If you would enjoy a handwritten note, just send me an email. (Letitgocoach@gmail.com) Include your name, mailing address and an area where you need encouragement, and I’ll mail you one. There’s nothing comparable to receiving a handwritten note.

18 thoughts on “A Handwritten Note

      1. Same routine every morning – make coffee/feed Jazzy (same time); get vitamins for the day organized; journal. And if something calls me away from that routine, it feels like something is really off with my day!

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      2. I knew you’d have high priorities. Coffee first! So, basically, you’re doing the Morning Pages since journaling is an intricate part of your morning. ❤


  1. Oh, my dear! If you enjoy writing notes, I would love to be a pen pal! There is nothing better than holding a pretty piece of paper in your hand, inscribed with the thoughts of another. I love the idea that a letter or note is like a long-distance handshake or hug. Where my fingertips touch the paper, the sender once did the same.

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  2. I still like handwritten notes, and love to reread the birthday cards my Mom made and wrote in over the years. She is passed now and I have set aside a card she made and wrote in to read on Saturday, her birthday.
    Ironically a birthday I wrote in and mailed to a friend resulted in a response wherein he said receiving a card with cursive writing was weird?
    I took out a small journal from 1995 a few days ago, I kept some notes from when we took our two kids to disneyland. It was fun to reread, and remember the autographing from the characters and one special employee Maynard at the Haunted House, he was great. He welcomed us into the entrance by saying More Bodies.. Then he asked everyone to move into the Dead Center of the Room. Later we received a beautiful autograph from him, he was a cartoonist. We left a special note at customer service for him, he made the day!

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