Get Over Yourself

That’s what my sponsor would say. When I felt alone, or decided to have a pity party, she would encourage me to look outside myself.

To find a need and fill it.

Not my own need, but the needs of others.


The first line you’ll read in the book, “The Purpose Driven Life” is, “It’s not about you.” I’m continually reminding myself of that.

Yes, there has been a pattern to my life. In a society focused on self-care, we tend to focus on ourselves a little too much. ‘Take care of yourself first, so you can care for others’, but I don’t believe self-care was meant to turn into self absorption.

I’m glad I had a sponsor who would tell me to get over myself. Anytime I feel that tilt in the scales of, ‘What about me?’, I hear her voice. To live a life on purpose means living outside of ourselves and it’s not always convenient. I’m learning that.

I’m thankful to have people in my life that tell me what I don’t necessarily want to hear, but really need to hear.

Even if it is, get over yourself.


18 thoughts on “Get Over Yourself

      1. If you should happen to journey back through my blog, you’ll discover many of my posts run the gamut of varied life experiences and observations. Not all are as goofy or oddball or offbeat as my recent daily ramblings. There’s some original short fiction – selected snippets of manuscripts – and less refined editorials. I tend to ramble.

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      2. I did venture back a little last night, but will visit again and dig around more. Similar to looking for hidden treasure.

        You have a style of writing not seen very often, but it’s enjoyable to read. There is always something that leaps off the page at me. I loved Cristian Mahai’s comment, ‘Interesting’. That is very high praise indeed!

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      3. Thank you, Barb. I appreciate your interest and curiosity. I like exploring and reading back into earlier blogs of writers I enjoy and follow. Please excuse many of my rants. Harmless. I have a bunch of blogs to navigate through. Will do the same with yours. Love the moniker “Letitgocoach”

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      4. My pleasure. I enjoy digging through as well. You don’t have to dig through mine darling. The early years is what helped make who you read today. No need to excuse. If it gets published and remains on the page, someone will get what they need from it. Thank you, Michael.

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  1. I have often thought this when I read so many memes and articles about self-care. Everyone has to do what is best for them, but I think like so many other things, people can get “wrapped up” and over-indulge. xoxo

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