Showers That Shine

“Get your shit together”, is what I’d tell her.

Of course, I was referring to her need to pack for her weekend with her Dad. She was much younger then, but now that’s she’s a young adult, we say it to one another in jest.

Hugging her goodbye I’d say, “I’ll try and get my shit together while you’re away.” 🙂

I spent some time Sunday, scrubbing the shower, which I’d been putting off, but now it shines. Then I saw the plastic liner to the shower curtain. It’s supposed to be clear, but it wasn’t. Into the washer it went. One thing led to another and what began with the tub/shower, the entire bathroom benefited.

Life just flows, until we hit a bump.

I’m in a moment of uncertainty with one of my jobs. The email came in over the weekend as an announcement to the Team that someone else will be taking over the phones. The phones are part of my job, but not after this Friday. A door is closing.

Sitting at my desk today, I don’t really feel like I have my shit together, but at least the bathroom does. I appreciate how God helps us leave a situation when it’s time, even if we’re not entirely ready.

Here’s to trusting the process my darlings, and showers that shine.

13 thoughts on “Showers That Shine

  1. May you have many beautiful doors to choose from as you move forward. Nothing like a good clean to cleanse the soul! I typically tackle my closet or the storage area when I am processing. I’ll try to give the bathroom some love next time. 🙂

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  2. curtain in washing machine? I take it outside in summer and lay it down on the lawn and scrub it.
    I like how your post illustrates things you can control and things you can’t. Stress comes from trying to control what you can’t along with potential events that may or may not occur.
    Snowpack accumulations are huge here, could be lake flooding if certain weather events occur. It likely won’t and I have other things that I do control to work on.

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  3. I have done that before with a shower curtain. It’s surprising how well it can come back up gleaming.
    I’m finding Sunday’s seems to be best time for me for motivating myself to clean the shower, so with my place being small, if I have not done it in the week, then I will do it Sunday morning, cleaning rest of bathroom while it, then a quick vacumm around bathroom and living room. Done in an hour and rest of the day mine to relax.

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