Worth the Drive

In yesterday’s post, I revealed the soap at a local Shoppe that is my new love, but what really caused me to revisit the Shoppe three days later was this dish.


I saw it last week, but try not to make impulsive purchases. I’m particular about what comes into our home, but this little dish spoke to me about the tea cart.

Our home offers a coffee bar and tea cart. The cart came to us through a neighbor. It’s been used as a chopping station for her kitchen, but I saw it as a space for tea. The wood surface reveals stains and scarring, but I see it as evidence of serving it’s purpose.

In our home it holds a new purpose.


I bought the dish to hold our tea utensils, and give space for the tea bag to rest and cool before discarding.

It’s like that little dish knew where it’s home was. All I had to do was say, ‘Yes’, and go back and get it. I’ve learned there’s power in the pause. If I would have walked into the Shoppe and it was gone, then it wasn’t meant for me, but it was still there days later.

Driving back to the Shoppe for this dish, also gave me a new soap to love. Follow your heart. It’s worth the drive.


9 thoughts on “Worth the Drive

  1. When you come you’re going to see that blue in many places. I can’t wait. I, too, love my Waterpik at my Dentist’s suggestion. Definitely has to be a shower tool.

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  2. I liked this post and the alliteration of the Power of the Pause. It’s something we talk about often when evaluating speeches into Toastmasters. Pausing to let listeners “catch up” , respond to humor or to add effect. Pausing is also a smart technique in stressful situations, a reactive comment can be hurtful, a thoughtful response after a pause is more often not, better for both persons. Dealing with difficult situations often is the best for pause, and also for soaking up the beautiful sunsets in our lives, the special moments we want to return to.

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