The Velvet Timberland’s

Me: Would you like a cup of coffee? (watching the Chemex complete it’s cycle.)

Her: I just made a cup of tea.

Me: You can have both. (said with ease)

Her: What a beautiful world we live in when I can have both.

Life is beautiful, and I think sometimes people become weary of hearing ‘all good things’ over here, but that’s what I choose to see and write about my darling.

I’m not negative and whining doesn’t suit me. I had a sponsor that I’d call and whine to and she’d call me out immediately. “Shall I fix a plate of cheese and crackers to go with that whine?”, she’d retort.

So after posting Wednesday’s post with my Unicorns and Rainbows philosophy, I scraped dog poop out of the heel of my daughter’s Timberland’s. Yep. You read that correctly. Right after clicking ‘publish’, I grabbed her Tim’s, found a sink and a toothbrush and began scraping dog poop out of the ridges of the heel.

The outcome was picture worthy.


My daughter was thrilled over the clean heel, and thanked me for doing it. I told her I was going to write about it, and she laughed. Knowing my Blog titles consist of three words, she suggested ‘The Shit Shoes’. That is how she saw them pre-cleaning. It’s funny how we saw them differently.

To me they have always been The Velvet Timberland’s. I still remember the first day we say them and squealed over the velvet trim, but after she stepped in dog poop, they became The Shit Shoes.

The toothbrush worked for a bit during the cleaning, but I eventually had to break out a knife. That’s how it is my darling. Hold back nothing to scrape it off and get back to the beauty.

Now, we both see them once again, as the velvet Timberland’s.

18 thoughts on “The Velvet Timberland’s

  1. There is a beautiful illustration here. The path may be beautiful but we still need to watch our step, and if along the way we step in **it, the path is still just a beautiful, the trip is not wasted, and our journey can still continue and more vistas await.
    BTW – I had some doc martins last week with a deep groove pattern that needed cleaning, They inspired my car getting washed! I pressure washed my shoe bottoms and washed my car in one go! LOL

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    1. You’re very intuitive. That’s what I was trying to convey. When we step into it, clean it off and keep going. My daughter’s first thought was to clean the heel with the water hose. Maybe if I would have rolled with that idea we’d have clean vehicles too! Lol Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Nothing wrong with positivity and looking on the bright side. But don’t choke down the bad stuff…that’s not healthy either. Every emotion is valid if it’s how you truly feel.

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