I’m Still Learning

I spent my entire weekend budget in less than an hour, but….I learned some things about myself in the process.

I had stopped buying vintage items.

I noticed it over Christmas. Getting sucked into online world. Click a button, and it’ll be at your door the next day. Sometimes the same day. Get it sent to a ‘locker’ near you and pick it up in a little while.

Immediate gratification isn’t lasting.


I drove over to a friend’s Shoppe for a visit and to see if she had any lamps. The lamp in my bedroom was not giving me any joy. It was new, and modern looking, and has been bothering me for a while. My friend’s Shoppe was closed, but there’s an antique Shoppe next-door. It was a good day to wander through one of those.

A lamp caught my eye, but it was part of a set. I asked the store owner if he would split up the set. After a quick call to the vendor, it was a yes to the lamp.


I love the details of this lamp, and it gives the room a warm glow. My previous lamp was just a bright light. There’s a difference.


Items like these aren’t considered vintage to me. I grew up with this stuff. They are however, classic goodness.

Walking through the Shoppe, I strolled from room to room. Was there anything else that needed a good home? Then, I saw this little crushed velvet seat. It would match my bedroom drapes, and give me a spot to sit and put on shoes. (Because everyone needs that)


At this angle it seems to be looking at me. Probably gonna have to give it a name.


No regrets my darling and we learn as we go. I may regret sipping this Bluebottle cold brew later on tonight, but as I already confessed…I’m still learning.

18 Comments on “I’m Still Learning

  1. I love that lamp and the chair is adorable. I do like interesting looking lamps, too. Way back in the day, my great – aunt worked at a lamp factory in Brooklyn. I have no idea why I am passing that on, just am!

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  2. Great finds! I love to wander around stores and listen to if anything speaks to me. Sometimes, I know to just turn around and wait for another day. Sometimes, I know I’m going to need a cart. 😉

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    • Thank you Julie! Timing is everything! My daughter loves it when we walk into a store and I pause, then turn around and say, “We’re gonna need a cart.” It just depends on the day! ❤

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  3. I love the lamp and the chair. I also buy vintage. I collect old stone crocks and I have them all over my house. I think some of the older things have such character.

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  4. The lamp is gorgeous! I predict you’ll enjoy it the rest of your life. And the chair…it sure does look as if it’s watching! They’re both very unique.

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