Set It High

Life can get messy and it sorta hurts my feelings when it does. This morning, I was thinking about discipline. That is something I really worked on last year, and am still working on today. No matter how well I think I’m doing, life has it’s way of showing me, I’m not in control of nearly as much as I think.

My alarm clock this morning was two doggos walking by my doorway ready to go outside. I looked at them and said, “Mommy needs coffee.”

There are certain things I count on to begin my day, and even though I’ve been using a Chemex for a while now, it always shows me what I need to see. This morning it was the messiest Chemex ever. Just a wreck!

The filter started spewing hot water all over the coffee bar, and the grinds slid down one side of the filter and just laid in the bottom. I looked at it like, “What are you doing?!”, but my darling…it simply responded to my actions and gave me a sloppy Chemex.

I had hurried through the process.

I was so disengaged I even grabbed one of my daughter’s coffee cups to use, and the saying hit me as a little extreme.


I will make another Chemex and not settle for this mess. This didn’t happen to me, it happened for me, to show I was a little off center. We have the power to straighten out our messes and set the bar for life. May we continually raise the bar and set it high.

15 thoughts on “Set It High

      1. I’m excited for you! Sounds like you’re doing your due diligence. Not many people know to refer to it as a ‘vessel’. Be prepared to learn about yourself. It continues to teach me. πŸ™‚

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  1. I love the line “This didn’t happen to me, it happened for me…” Truer words were never spoken as the saying goes. A good reminder to be positive and mindful. I’m the last person to give that sort of advice since (lol) I’m always worried about this or buzzing over there to fix or do that, with an urge to complain when things go off kilter. But posts like these always are a great reminder to all of us! That and naturally “give me coffee or give me death.” πŸ˜‰ ❀

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