All That Matters

I have this obedience training with shopping carts. If you don’t know about it, you can read it here.

To be promoted in life, I do my best to take good care of what I already have. If I can’t handle what’s been entrusted to me, there’s no need to be trusted with more. (Matt. 25:21)

I went to the market this week, and as I was putting up my shopping cart, I noticed the carts were askew. I took a minute to straighten them out, by placing the large ones on the left and small carts on the right. This gave ample space for more carts.

There was a young man sitting in a car in front of the carts watching me. He could tell I didn’t work there, so he was probably wondering why I was doing that.

This was more than just returning my cart. I was straightening all of them.

Walking back to my truck I thought, “There’s always someone watching.” I paused a moment to take in my surroundings and it didn’t bother me that someone had seen what I’d done. I know there is One who is always watching, and that’s really all that matters.


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  2. Paula says:


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  3. Grace says:

    While I don’t share your spiritual beliefs I do believe in being considerate of all who share the planet (and the planet itself) – so yes, I always return my cart and any others I find “misplaced”, I hold doors, I say “thank you”, a lot. It IS the small considerations in our daily lives, be it only a smile, that make the world a little bit better on any given day. I often talk about the ordinary being extraordinary because you never know how your little considerations can perhaps change a life – even if only for a moment.

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      Thank you for sharing Grace. I agree completely. What looks ordinary to us, can be extraordinary for someone else, and that’s the ultimate good. ❤

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  4. Yes, I have to join your club of trolley straightening, also if they are jutting out into the car lane, the cars cannot move either.

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      It’s the small acts that keep our hearts pliable. xx

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  5. Your message resonates profoundly with me, Barb. Being spiritually mindful of God’s omnipresence within every moment and behaving/acting accordingly is truly Worship.

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      God breathes His goodness and mercy on us everyday. A form of Worship is giving Him that breath back. Thank you Michael, as always. Have a beautiful day!

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      1. Blessings, Barb 🙏

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      2. Letitgocoach says:

        You too Micheal!

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