Maybe You’ve Changed

My daughter made my Chemex this morning. She was getting ready to leave for classes, but paused long enough to do that.

That’s true love.

She stayed home this weekend, so I didn’t make weekend plans. I just wanted to hang out with her in that weekend vibe. Life has her on a rapid schedule right now, so it was different for her to just chill. We went to one of our favorite small towns yesterday and strolled the streets of downtown.


We walked into one of my favorite shops, or so I thought. There was a day not too long ago I would drive to that town just for that shoppe. It’s full of Artisan goods on display and for sale. One of my favorite Potters has his work there and I soon found his display taking up a corner of the store.

I picked up one of his coffee mugs and cradled it in my hand. It didn’t have the same feel as the mugs we use today. My daughter said, “You know I will slip some of those mugs from Dad’s for you if you want.” I used to collect this potter’s work, but left all of it in the cabinet when we left.

Placing it back on the shelf, I said, ‘Nah.’ Our mugs feel like love when you hold them.

This mug belonged on display.

Leaving the shoppe, I looked down at the sidewalk and told my daughter, “I didn’t see anything in there today that resonated with me. It used to be one of my favorite shoppes, but maybe it’s changed.”

She stood with me in that moment and softly said, “Maybe you’ve changed.”

25 thoughts on “Maybe You’ve Changed

  1. We all have different perspectives and tend to change with the time. I am glad you and your daughter took out some time together in the fast paced life. These small moments are memorable! ❤

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  2. I’m so glad you didn’t buy them! I bought the pottery mugs this past weekend. The shape is right, the weight is right, the colors are right, but the energy is wrong. I think they are going to end up in the first apartment box for the kids. I will be more mindful on my second attempt…

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    1. Naw lovely. I’ve bought those mugs before, but didn’t realize until then, how wrong they were for me. Just like the ones you purchased, they made the checklist, but that feel was wrong.

      You will find what’s right, even if it’s one mug at a time.

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  3. Material things are just things, but if it’s a gift from someone, it changes the thing. I have a favorite Marvin the Martian mug from my favorite cousin. It makes the Earthling in me smile.

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    1. Aw….Thank you Stephanie. Hugs to you! ❤

      After I posted this I thought, "It sounds so sad!", but it really not. I don't have to live a life that just looks good anymore. My life is still pretty, but on a more realistic level. For me, it's how it feels instead, and today my darling, it feels like love. Love you Stephanie! ❤


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