Rise Above It

My daughter is in England. She messaged me this morning, “We are on the coach heading to Manchester!” I said, “Are the horses pretty pulling the coach?” 😂

I appreciate all of your suggestions for Name This Meeting, but I’ve placed it back in drafts. That’s not how it’s done. The name of the meeting is chosen by the group, so for now it’s called Women of AA.

♥ ♥ ♥

My daughter loves to fly.

When I took her to the airport yesterday, it was empty. The media will cause fear and panic. Fear is like a flame that spreads like wildfire, but this made our experience better. She wasn’t on a crowded flight.

Women like us don’t follow the masses.

We stand our ground for what’s right.

We make mistakes, but learn from them and move on. We’re not too proud to admit we got it wrong because we are willing to turn it around by doing what’s right.

My daughter reminded me of this.

It may look dark and cloudy, but once the plane rises above the clouds, you can see the sun. It doesn’t stop shining, and my God doesn’t stop handing out grace.

If a storm is brewing in your life, let me encourage you to rise above it.

Photo cred. Simplysemloh

10 thoughts on “Rise Above It

  1. It may look dark and cloudy, but once the plane rises above the clouds, you can see the sun … I love that quote! That needs a pin to post on Pinterest. Thank you for your words of wisdom, Coach. xo

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  2. Great post, I agree that the media spreads fear. I’m trying to decide whether I should fly tomorrow, it’s a domestic flight. I’m not afraid of getting the corona virus but family I want to visit are so afraid of the virus, afraid that I’ll spread it to our elderly mom. The situation has gone crazy, people aren’t thinking clearly.

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  3. Two things are like this share. First the sun is always shining up above the clouds. If we didn’t embrace failure sometimes, we never know the wonderful feeling of succeeding when we didn’t know we could.

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    1. I’m not sure I embrace failure, but I don’t allow it to stop me from doing what God nudged me to do. Sometimes it takes more education! He’s always going to make it good in the end, or it’s not the end.

      Thank you for sharing Dave.

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