Recharge Your Battery

I crawled into bed, turned off the lamp and noticed my room pitch black. The nightlight was off. My daughter and I have this thing about, “As soon as you get into bed, you notice the nightlight is off and it’s across the room!”

The nightlight is a battery operated candle, and I love the glow it gives the room at night. It’s very soothing, until the batteries die. I got out of bed, walked across the room, pulled it down from it’s shelf, and jiggled the switch.

Nope. It was dead. (Dramatic music)

I walked into the hallway for batteries.

I remembered from previous experience, the batteries are a tight fit. A screwdriver helped pry them out. It’s not worth breaking a nail over. Once the batteries were replaced, it was ready to shine.


My thought was, I wanted my batteries to be changed as easily as this nightlight. Just pop out the tired ones, and replace with new. Ours are a little more complex, but I bet you know some things you can do this weekend to recharge.

Learn to rest and not quit. Take some time to recharge your battery.



  1. gr8ful_collette says:

    I hope you make the time this weekend to charge your beautiful light. Xx

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  2. Liz says:

    Resting at home and keeping myself to myself, or walking out in nature to recharge.

    Last night thought, I had an earlier night than usual and with not being at work today, I allowed myself 2 hours extra in bed this morning.
    I plan to have an early night tomorrow. Whether I will need it tonight, I don’t know. Shall see after my day out.

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  3. We have to learn to take it easy and when things go awry well they do and not to panic about it as it is easily fixed. Bless you have a magical weekend

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      Thank you Nanette. You too!

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  4. I agree we definitely need to recharge 🙏🏼😊

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  5. I’m in need of a recharge this weekend … not sure how it’ll come with a heavier workload now and being pulled into the office for my third Saturday in a row. So, it’s Sunday to unwind and decompress fully. Domestic chores, cooking, exercise, writing and a bit of nothingness figure in my resolve. Lovely post, Barb. 🙏

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      I hope you find everything you need to replenish my friend. Thank you Michael. 🙂

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  6. I rest to recharge or cook something interesting. I was also thinking of going kayaking. There’s a place here in New York I’m hoping to try. Not sure if it would be realistic though this weekend

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    1. Letitgocoach says:

      Do whatever feeds your soul. Kayaking sounds relaxing and cooking replenishes. This week I found myself just standing in the sun. It felt so good to my skin after winter. It doesn’t have to be realistic to be beautiful. ❤

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      1. Yes I try to get a little sun daily myself. It may be just standing at my front door , walking to the bus or doing something outdoors in my little garden

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      2. Paula says:

        Recharge so you can let your light shine!

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      3. Letitgocoach says:

        You got it Mama! ❤


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