Google Can’t Laugh

I bought the most obnoxious wreath. I had to warn my daughter that my crazy was unleashed and sent her this picture.


She’s in England and I was going to let it surprise her when she walked up to the front door, but couldn’t resist sharing it.

Today, I’m not sure when she’s coming home. Her flight from England was canceled. I have to let it go and lay it at His feet. God has a plan, I just can’t see it yet.

She messaged me this morning and asked if I was okay. Of course I am, but I told her, “Google doesn’t laugh with me.” (We have a Google Home Mini) My daughter has the app on her phone and she loves reading my history of what I’ve asked. Now, I’m wondering what all I’ve asked! πŸ˜‚

About a week ago, the power went out. I found myself saying, “Hey Google? Is there a wreck nearby?” My daughter just screamed out laughing. We both did. FYI…If the power goes out, little Google Home dies. I’m still laughing while typing this.


We laugh all the time. It’s not something we try to do, it’s just part of living this life together. It’s fun! When I asked Google, “Hey Google? Can you laugh?”, it said, “Sorry. I haven’t learned that yet.”

Poor Google. You need to learn to laugh.

Dear Team at Google. Google can’t laugh.

29 thoughts on “Google Can’t Laugh

    1. Thank you Collette. I’ve never seen so much stuff on a wreath! It’s like the lady who made it decided to use her backed up inventory for Spring! Love it! Thank you for praying with me too. ❀


  1. I remember at Christmas time there were some phrases that would cause Google Home to respond, it was all fun stuff from the North Pole. We need more of that – I have mine programmed to automatically do things but most people don’t do that. It calls me Super Dave when I get home and plays a bugle! It used to be a loon, which always made me laugh.

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  2. I think your wreath is smile-inducing – and why shouldn’t people smile as they pass your home and see your delightful door decor! Laughter IS the best medicine and one of the great joys of life – Poor Google.

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      1. I forgot to add that your wreath is rather unusual. It is crazy. I can see why you could not wait to share with your daughter.

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      2. Hahaha…..This lady is a hairdresser, and she made it. I saw it hanging on the door of her salon and asked if I could buy it. It’s wild, but a lot of love was poured into it. Can you tell I’m ready for Spring? Lol

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