That Wooden Spoon

Around the same time I bought the explosion of happiness wreath, I spotted a tool caddy for our kitchen. It’s meant to be used as a small planter, but not here.


When I take pictures, I email them to myself with notes: That wooden Spoon. I didn’t move it to take this picture. Maybe this is how people began staging their photos? To display how they want it to be, or should be. This picture is not perfect to some, but it’s real.

I sent this picture to my daughter and she loved the caddy. I rearranged the cooking utensils to take another one for this post, but changed my mind. Mainly to get that wooden spoon out of front and center.

It’s not very pretty. It’s been used.

My daughter bought a colorful silicone spatula with a metal handle. It looks good, but can’t scrape the bottom of the pan like this guy does. There hasn’t been a messy pan yet that it couldn’t assist in fixing.

The photo may not be aesthetic, but I snapped it for my daughter, so it’s personal. This caddy holds our ‘ go to’ kitchen utensils, but all I see are moments. We cook our meals together and have incomparable conversation while cooking.

Today, the one that’s earned some time front and center is that wooden spoon.


7 thoughts on “That Wooden Spoon

  1. I think we all have our favorite cooking utensils that we use over and over again, barely touching some of the others. On another note, when I saw that picture, I saw a woman with so many different things inside her head. Interesting that I would have that interpretation and wondering if I am seeing a reflection of myself.

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    1. I agree and those are our favorites. I’d been using another container, but it was time for a change. That’s an interesting analogy my darling, and completely relatable. Many blessings to you. ❤

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  2. I think that photo is exactly how it should be – And that is a fabulous wooden spoon – more flat than spoon-y – I have several wooden spoons that must qualify as antiques by now and I keep thinking I should replace them but they are old friends who have done good work over the years – I love your cannister – most folks don’t have the imagination to use something for something other than the label the some other someone put on it! (It is one of my small talents to be creative in that way – seeing the potential in odd objects.)

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