Level of Care

A Blogger referred to what he saw on one of my posts as ‘elevated self care.’ I hadn’t thought of it that way until he pointed it out, but I do bestow a high level of care.

Toward others and myself.

My daughter is a constant encouragement in my life. She appreciates every little thing, and those are the people you hold close.

The other day, I made a pour over cup, which I haven’t made in so long, I almost forgot how. I sent her this picture of how full it got. We were happily satisfied the cup made it to the desk without spilling!

To a Smart, Strong, Unstoppable Woman. Go Forth and Run the World.

That’s a full cup!

The frame behind it is a card my daughter gave me. I have several of her cards framed. They are reminders of how she sees me, which on some days is better than I see myself. She’s my freakin’ Guru.

I have a handful of Bloggers I hold close. You probably have some too. The ones who truly resonate with your words and your comment section turns into a full blown conversation. They are your people.

The ones who fill your cup to the rim!

Sunday, I get to meet a couple of these Bloggers face to face via Zoom. Stephanie posted it on her Blogsite and you can read it here. To learn more about the Zoom Conference on Sunday, click here.

Living in quarantine seems like an opportune time to elevate our level of care.

19 thoughts on “Level of Care

  1. How strange. I thought all was quiet, then I see for some strange reason I wasn’t following you after seeing I had not seen this post in my reader, when I should be. I never unfollowed.

    I like to fill my mug like that. But it’s the question of not spilling it. I drink a bit, before I walk with it, as I never seem to walk with a full mug like that now, without dribbling some.

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      1. I can see I missed a few posts of yiurs since where I last commented. But all caught up now.

        I just had a herbal tea and had actually filled that full. So had to take a sip, before carrying it. 🙂

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      2. I always like my mug full. But usually a couple of millimetres less so I can carry it. Any less than that, which I have received when I have had a mug made for me and I’d laugh while saying it’s a mug, not a tea cup. 🙂

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      3. See? I wouldn’t have guessed you use a mug for tea. Aren’t you supposed to use those dainty little cups? Hahaha My daughter and I used to drink our tea from tea cups and what is that, like two sips? Bring on the mugs. 🙂

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      4. I never liked tea cups. Even as a kid I did not like them. But as an adult, I feel dangerous with one – stuck finger in handle, so drink and cup at risk if going flying. (Oh, I must remember to do a risk assessment on paper, if ever offered one again.) lol
        But yes. Two sips is all they hold. 😁 So yeah, bring on the mugs.

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  2. I think you remind us to find joy and pleasure in the little things… to seek out little treasures in our day. That’s what I appreciate about you and your blog. 💕

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      1. I like that. Thank you for coming back and offering clarity. I’ve always heard ‘fill your boots’ as someone taking over your duties, or ‘filling your shoes/boots.’ I enjoy your perspective more.

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