On Your Desktop

I was looking at files saved to the desktop of my laptop and thinking, “It really shows who you are.”

A man I work with asked me to help him test some software. He needed to assist a client remotely, so I let him access my computer. When he was done clicking around, he backed out of the program and could see my desktop.

There was a long pause.

Like, “Barb? What is all of that?”

Memes and pictures for Blogs.

Pretty pictures and inspirational quotes. I would imagine his desktop looked different than mine. He’s a business man, so there’s probably a lot of Excel spreadsheets. When he asked me to open a program like Excel, I had to search my computer to find it. 🙂

Here’s one saved on January 1st.


Someone asked me, “What are you passionate about?” I responded, “Anything I choose to do will be fueled by passion.”

Otherwise, I have to make myself do it, but sometimes that’s good. It gets me out of my comfort zone and I find a new passion.

I will file the memes into their designated folder, but that will just open up space for more. I’ve never had too many memes.

In a line up of opened laptops, could you pick out the one that belongs to you?

What’s on your desktop?

15 thoughts on “On Your Desktop

  1. I could most definitely spot mine! On the right in a column are a small select group of folders that I dip into regularly for things I’m working on such as a current children’s book, my Etsy shop, etc. Plus a possible client file or two, whose job I on. But the rest of it is always a black background with a centered nature/animal/inspirational image. Right now, it is a gorgeous photo of some orcas at sunset.

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  2. Hi Barb. Yes I could definitely pick out my laptop. It probably sounds strange, but my wallpaper is from a picture I attempted to re-create from a recurring nightmare I had when I was a preschooler. I posted about it on my blog a long time ago. It’s of grey leaves falling from a bright hole above my head as I fell in darkness, similar to what you might see if you fell into a well. I’m glad I outgrew that dream, now I just have strangely fond memories of it. Thanks!

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  3. I have pictures on my computer. No games other than Freecell and Solitaire which were preloaded. My links are for things like the hospital, The Globe (national newspaper which I subscribe to), Headspace (meditation), WordPress, Sirius XM radio.

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  4. This is a good reminder to get some of these folders off my desktop _ i have a folder for each of the granddaughters with all their photos; a monthly folder with that months cat photos, well that gets filed at the end of every month, except for a folder marked ‘statements’ which has the paid bills in it, yup, mostly photo file folders. What you call memes I call posters and there is folder for those, that can be filed away to and be off my desktop…the folder with the bus schedules, that can stay I think, I use it for quick reference.

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  5. My laptop? I have a thing that chooses random weekly pictures. It’s a surprise. On my iPad it’s a pic of my pets and my daughter. On my phone it’s a pic of my daughter.

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    1. Thanks LA! I was referring to files saved, and have added that to the post. You are talking about screensavers, and Windows shows me pictures of the beach. (When your computer knows your heart.)

      What you have saved is dear to your heart. 🙂

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