Do Hard Things

At 6:00 am I was sitting on the bathroom floor with a stressed out doggo. There was a tornado warning for our area.

A couple of hours later, the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping. We are enjoying the breeze coming through the screen door, and that little dog that was pacing the house, is laying on her bed completely entertained by a squirrel in the front yard.

That is how suddenly things change.

I’ve been paying attention to my kitchen this week. Since purchasing the planter, to use as a tool caddy, inspiration ensued. Sitting at my kitchen table, I’m beginning to enjoy the view.

This painting was hanging in another part of the house, but I sat it in the kitchen as a much needed reminder.


I don’t read it as a question. I start with the word ‘You’, and go up to ‘can’ before returning to the statement. For me it reads:

Beautiful Girl. You can do hard things.

Pandemic = Way too much time on Etsy.

These cabinet knobs sparkle from across the room. The Great Blue Heron holds a special place in my heart.


Things change suddenly my darling, and you can do hard things.

16 thoughts on “Do Hard Things

      1. I loved her last book Love Warrior way more. This one I get a little frustrated with her self-contradictions (with her last book). But she contradicts herself of ten years ago. I do believe we have the right to change our minds. And all the while, we can still do hard things.

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  1. Do Hard Things. I like this. A friend guy just told me no way a home owner should be bored. I began to think of Hard Things I could around the house. Welp, I’m not built for that so I went through my tops. I found over 40 tops to give away. Do Hard Things!

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  2. I’ve always wanted to do fun and funky cabinet and door knobs or antique ones – as much as I love sleek and modern the antique glass door knobs have my complete attention – unfortunately I can’t always please myself…

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