Enjoy the Good

I asked my daughter, “Have you noticed the coffee bar smells like coffee?” Walking by the bar, you can smell the various grinds from it’s frequent use. She introduced me to this roaster a month ago.

Stumptown Coffee

I just love the name, ‘Hairbender’.

She used it to make a Chemex for us to share. Once that one was empty, she walked through the house and yelled, “You want another Chemex?!” This quarantine thingy is working quite well.

Yesterday, I found myself standing in the aisle of paper goods at one of my favorite stores. A lady was standing there along with me, six feet apart, and we’re wearing masks. The aisle was fully stocked with toilet paper. We were mesmerized by the sight of it.

I asked her, “Did you ever think seeing toilet paper would bring complete happiness?” She shook her head, and said, “No.”

I decided to check out the cold brew display, and there it was, the mighty Stumptown chilled and ready to drink. I hadn’t tried this one before, but it suddenly became my new favorite. What’s not to love?


Life is changing, but for the better.

The time is right to enjoy the good.


12 thoughts on “Enjoy the Good

  1. Love the packaging. I’m almost embarrassed to say I’ve never tried Cold Brew Coffee. Am I really missing something? I realize it’s significantly different from Cold or Iced Coffee, which I enjoy occasionally on hot days.

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      1. I’m definitely intrigued by the culture of coffee and your affinity for the good stuff and finer elements of making a divine cup. I’m predominantly a home-brewed espresso fellow with an old school Bialetti stovetop Moka maker. I really need to elevate my bean game beyond mid-level vacuum packed fine grind. There’s hope. I’m romantic about the notion. 😊

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      2. My daughter started this, and I just kept going with it. There’s definitely a romance to it, and it evolves and gets better and better. Elevate your bean game and grind your own. 🙂

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