A New View

“I’m ready for something new”, was my first thought of the day. My daughter and I went for a walk yesterday, and saw a new house almost complete. We walked through, and everything was new.

Sitting in my den early this morning, a prism hanging in the window was casting rainbows across the room. The prism has been hanging there a long time, but today was the first time I spotted it’s colorful light. That’s new.

Or was it? My guess would be it does that every morning it gets hit by the sun, but this was the first time I was sitting in the right place at the right time to see it.

I bought a new battery for my laptop.

My personal laptop sat on my desk and had to stay plugged in. The battery wouldn’t hold a charge anymore, until today. Now, I can unplug it and go wherever I want. Freedom! This morning I’m sitting at the coffee table, and that’s when I saw the light from the prism.

I was sitting somewhere new.

This laptop has been sitting in the same place for years, but giving it a new battery, has given me a new view.


13 thoughts on “A New View

  1. I have a new view too! We changed our house around since we don’t have much to do and I had to move my desk and love my view better! The only prob is I keep looking out the window and watch spring coming and the birds flying around, so I am doing a lot less writing! But this is where I need to be. xo

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      1. I have a nest in a bush right out our front door and was watching the male bird build it and I think the mama was watching from another tree. That was what my son and I were guessing. I can’t figure out why he would build in a holly bush? It’s really only 4 feet high. I am rambling … 🙂

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  2. I love prisms and how they perform magic with the light.

    I’ve been finding new things in my yard. The other day it was a black gecko on our black water hose. I had never seen a black gecko. I wondered if it were a chameleon.

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    1. I love them too. We have them hanging in three different windows, but I’d not seen the one I wrote about until that morning. Was beginning to think it was broke or something. 🙂

      Ah….I bet it was a Chameleon.

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  3. I love the rainbow through a prism. I think I am getting a new view today as well.
    Perhaps every day is a new view in the same way that a river is always different passing by.
    The only difference is my awareness.

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