Worth the View

A Blogger friend commented on the photo in A New View.

When my daughter and I walked out of the newly built house mentioned in that post, she glanced my way, as if trying to read my thoughts. The house was nice enough, but the view was no better than where I am now. My next house is all about the view.

I don’t want more, but I do want better.

In response to my friend’s comment, I let her know these photos are a part of my vision board. My vision board began a year ago, and these photos are popping up in my FB memories. They are reminding me why I’m in a season of work.

Time Out Chair

Hold the vision. Trust the process.

I’ve been working from home for years, but last year was my season for learning to work with discipline and consistency. It’s paying off, but my work is seven days a week. It becomes difficult to discern a weekday from the weekend. Relatable?

Another Blogger friend had left a comment on the post, Enjoy the Good. He admires my coffee gadgets, and reminded me of one I haven’t used in a while. The French press. I took it down from the shelf, and rinsed it off. It has been so long since I used it, I pulled up the Blue Bottle Coffee site to refresh my memory.

Bodum Chambord 17oz French Press

While on the Blue Bottle site, I saw their debut coffee Spring Blend, and ordered a bag. You see, I had responded to my fellow Blogger with, “Why do you think I work so much? To be able to buy really good coffee.” That was the goal when I began this journey, and I’ve been buying really good coffee all year.

Don’t lose sight of why you work.

I’m grateful at this stage of life to have fulfilling work, and to be continually learning, but it’s not easy. My experience has been, no path worth taking is ever easy, so it’s vital to hold the vision.

Some paths are easier than others. Some journey’s take longer than others, but I’m convinced, it will be worth the view.

6 thoughts on “Worth the View

  1. I’m happy for you that you find your work fulfilling, something I think most of us will never really experience. But I do have a view that I enjoy, and I find that fulfilling. I’m sure all your hard work will pay off and you’ll eventually find a house with the perfect view!

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    1. I had to ‘decide’ to enjoy my work. It’s not perfect, but I’m on the right path. Learning new things and adding to my tool box at this age is all God.

      I’m glad you have a view you enjoy. I’ve had some spectacular views as well, and they are fulfilling. For now, I’m going to enjoy where I am, while on the way to where God has planned. 🙂

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      1. Deciding to enjoy your work may not be perfect, but it’s a thoughtful path to take. Except for those who are passionate about their work, I think most people simply accept the fact that “work is work” and don’t look for much more (I would be one of those). I think your approach is much more positive!

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      2. I’m passionate about people and helping them. This job went from part-time to full-time, so I’m learning about a lot of new software, and love learning. The reward will come when I learn enough to help them even more.

        The learning curve Des. 🙂

        Work is work, but I’ve learned to pull from it pieces of enjoyment. Plus, working this job, gives me time and space to work also on the dream. ❤

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  2. Working from home must take discipline, and consistency. Well done. I remember a couple I met at a B&B at Port Townsend, they were the owner operators formerly from Los Angeles. They said if one or the other ever felt nostalgic and missed LA, they would line their cars up in a row, the nostalgic one would get in the car in the back. The other would get in the front car and would let the engine run creating gas exhaust while simultaneously giving the rear car the finger salute.
    Obviously they had a sense of humor.
    working from home sounds much better.

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    1. Thank you Dave. It does, but it took a long time to see that part of it. Once disciplined with my work, it spilled over into other areas of my life. Now, I’m working on balance.

      That couple does have a sense of humor, and I can see how that exercise would remove the nostalgic moment. 🙂 The commute is great working from home. A short walk from the bedroom to the den.


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