A Dreamy Bed

My heart beats a little bit faster for a dreamy bed.

My daughter was home over the weekend, and I wanted to let her catch up on some sleep. As I closed her bedroom door, this quote came to mind, and I remembered this photo on my vision board.


The two combined became a meme.

I’ve been pondering linen for my bed, but have you priced linen sheets? The real ones are not merely a purchase. They’re a freakin’ investment! A linen bed-skirt would be a sweet touch, and keep the dust bunnies out from under the bed.

I have really good sheets on my bed.

I laid this napkin on the sheet this morning before making up the bed. Yes, the sheets feel as good as they look. The quality of mattress, sheets and pillow reflect the quality of sleep.

How you sleep, is how you feel the next day.


The napkin is for a bar, but we use them on our coffee bar. Whoever said you need alcohol to get buzzed has never drank our coffee!

Hey there little mountain mover. If you’re gonna wake and move some mountains you’ll need really good coffee, and a dreamy bed.

17 thoughts on “A Dreamy Bed

  1. Hey, I enjoy your writing so much I nominated you for the Leibster award. (See my post). It’s a fun way to let others know about you and your blog. Hope you’re well. ❤️

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    1. Yes my darling. My daughter sleeps on silk pillow cases. They are a savior for long hair, but I didn’t realize they prevent wrinkles! Actually, that’s my hesitation in buying the linen sheets. Wrinkles! Thank you Sally. 🙂


      1. Haha…Yes, I agree…linen is a lovely natural fabric, but it gets wrinkled easily.
        I agree with you that our bedding makes a big difference in the quality of our sleep.
        This year I invested in a weighted blanket after researching them carefully, and for me, these are really comforting. 🤗

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  2. My wife used to sell mattresses and she knows an amazing amount about their construction. She sold so many one year the company gave us both a first class holiday! Pillows also, she buys latex because they are antimicrobial. I think you and her would love talking about colour and things of that nature. Our bed has a duvet on it that is multi coloured with a graphic abstract Indian inspired motif.(her description). When it comes to decorating, furniture – she chooses and I nod my head. Willingly – LOL

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      1. My wife said bamboo is supposed to breathe really well, is a natural insulator and a renewable resource. ♥
        She suggests you google benefits of bamboo products and sends a hug.

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      2. Tell her ‘thank you’ for me. I like the idea of a breathable mattress. The set I have is still relatively new, but will depend on Google to help, when the time comes. ❤


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