Don’t Get Up

I’m trying to find my groove with posting a Blog.

My job has taken on full-time status, 7 days a week, and I give it my all. I believe while you work the job, you still need to fuel the dream. Writing is a dream come true for me.

Here’s another photo from my vison board.


I was awakened this morning by a storm. A thunderstorm would definitely wake me up in this room. I can imagine the rain cascading down that window, while watching the light show.

It’s funny how all my photo’s include a desk.

Some photo’s are merely a desk with a view. That wasn’t done on purpose, or logically. I believe my heart chose the photos. A vision comes from the heart my darling. It’s when it floats up to the head, we tend to talk ourselves out of our dreams.

You see, it’s not about finding the time to write a post. It’s about finding that space where you simply sit down in front of the keys and the words begin to pour. I love to write, but like most things pertaining to love, it doesn’t like to be forced.

This space is my favorite place to be.

In the book Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott, she says this little prayer when she sits down to write. “Please help me get out of the way, so I can write what wants to be written.”

Lamott concludes, “Don’t stand up until it’s written.”

Don’t let your mind talk you out of your dream. There’s always time, but once you find that space, sit down and don’t get up.


12 thoughts on “Don’t Get Up

  1. I need a lovely space to write…you’ve inspired me. I also love Anne Lamott. Bird by Bird was the first book I read in my first writing workshop class in college. A treasure. I just started another one by her, Almost Everything, and am really enjoying it. 💕👍🏻

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    1. I’ve been blessed with some beautiful views my darling. This morning, I sat in my bed to write this post, and it was not daylight yet, so the view wasn’t important. Any window will do, but I hope you find a space that inspires.

      I love her work, and would love to read another one of hers once Bird by Bird is complete. Thank you for the recommendation. ❤

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  2. Reading every one of your posts makes me want to loiter in your blog … like I’m waiting to enjoy another cup of coffee in a familiar place. Put another way, it just feels cozy, warm and welcoming. Thank you, Barb 🙏

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  3. This 7 days a week will end. In the meanwhile I hope you have a little notebook handy to jot down the thoughts that pop in. Then you can relax and not worry about trying to remember them. ♥

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