Keep Choosing Her

I woke up this morning to the smell of Mrs. Meyers from cleaning house, and not just the usual dusting and vacuuming. No my darling, I was on my hands and knees scrubbing corners.

Being on my hands and knees reminded me of my drinking days. I was a falling down, blackout drunk.


I posted this on my Letitgocoach Facebook page, but seeing it again this morning, it spoke to me as a sober woman. Sobriety is a choice, and when you have family history of alcoholism, the odds of drinking increase.

Recently, I offended a friend of mine.

She lost her sobriety after taking care of her Grand-kids for a week. That would be a tempting time to drink, but no, I’m not giving up sobriety. She asked if I’d ever been tempted to drink, and I told her, “You would think so when the doctor told me I had Breast Cancer, but you can’t drink during Chemotherapy.”

She compared having Cancer, to a bad day.

Hey, anyone can stop drinking, but living sober is an act of God. It’s not easy, but by His grace the only choice to continue being a sober woman, is to keep choosing her.


15 thoughts on “Keep Choosing Her

  1. I can’t believe I read this post, talk about timing. My relationship just exploded because I finally admitted the human I love(d) is an alcoholic… I don’t drink… come from a long line of them… I know sobriety is a hard path to walk for those who have addictions, but oh boy they deserve better! Well done YOU. Keep choosing YOU

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  2. Alcohol and cancer are two challenges in life that take many people long before their time. You’re obviously a fighter, and I’m happy for you for finding the strength to overcome them both.

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  3. This line sticks with me…She compared my Cancer, to her one bad day… Can’t imagine comparing anything to cancer. No words. I wish the woman in your story well, and hope she sees success, finds courage. Thanks for a really great post. ❤

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    1. I felt bad after I said it, but it would take a LOT for me to consider taking a drink. Now we know, it would take more than Cancer. 🙂 I hope she find courage too, and chooses not to drink, over anything else. Thank you lovely! ❤


  4. I celebrate that you are sober. I know you can empathize with this woman who struggles to be sober. I can only relate by knowing that my Dad tried more than once before he quit smoking over 40 years ago. My hope is that this woman will “keep swinging” and will hit her own “home run” soon.

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