That is Enough

I was thinking about her comment while making the morning Chemex. It was in response to this meme I posted for SC Lourie.

She was having a hard time being a single Mom, but what stuck with me the most was, “I feel like I fail my children everyday.”

I want her to know, that’s so far from the truth my darling.


I wasn’t paying attention to the pour of the Chemex. The boiling water hit the grounds too fast, and they slid down the filter in spots. It wasn’t pretty, but that’s what distraction does.

It was no big deal. I resolved to drink it, and if it bothered me too much, I’d make another one, because that’s what I do. Start over as many times necessary until satisfied with the end result.

The Re-do

The only failure is not trying again.

Just show up, and keep trying your best. Start over as many times needed, and you won’t feel beaten. Kids watch what we do, but they don’t grade our performance. They don’t expect perfection from us, but I think we do. You woke up to a new day, and sometimes my darling, even that is enough.


9 thoughts on “That is Enough

    1. We are blessed that we can do that. My daughter knows when I’m having an ‘off’ day, but it helps to openly admit it. The woman who left the comment may still be in survival mode. Yeah….vulnerability has not worked out for me very well in previous relationships. 🙂

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  1. This is so true, and hopefully, is encouraging to the mom who feels she is failing. Also, not only do kids not expect perfection, but when watching, they learn from what we do. If we get up and dust ourselves off and try again? That’s what they’ll learn and take with them in life as well. Lovely post.

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    1. I didn’t post this to Facebook, which I rarely do anyway, but I didn’t want to call her out. The comment followed me into the next day, so the best way to lay it down, is to write it down. Yes, they learn by watching, and it’s so important what they see. Dusting ourselves off continuously is a good one. Thank you for your kind words my darling. ❤

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