A Thrilling Place To Be

A friend found out today that he didn’t get the house he had placed an offer on. He found this house last year, and fell in love with the property. It would be a perfect place to live, and house his business, but God has other plans.

A lot of us prayed fervently about this house.

But, we all prayed in accordance to God’s will.

Sometimes God’s ‘no’, should be our ‘thank you.’


I told my friend, ‘Answered prayer.’ It may not seem like an answered prayer, but it is. The house was perfect, and maybe it all looked that way to us, but something wasn’t right.

We couldn’t see it, but God could.

What my friend did right was clinging to his faith. He was patient with the back and forth about the house, for months. I’m sure he became frustrated with waiting, but God was watching, and I believe my friend won today.

He didn’t get this house, but he’s better equipped for the next one that comes along. I encouraged him to keep looking, and to follow his heart to what he really wants.

I think that seems too big to us.

But, it’s not too big for God. What He has planned for us is more than we can ever imagine, and that’s a thrilling place to be.


13 thoughts on “A Thrilling Place To Be

  1. Yes, unanswered prayers. Hard for us to understand but as you said, not hard for God to understand. I can’t tell you how many times unanswered prayers have been my answer to everything.

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    1. He does answer every prayer. Just not the way we think it should be answered. Right? Truly grateful for all those times the teacher was silent during the test. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I always take the view of when things appear to go wrong, they have not because it was not right place, time or environment for me. I know what is come up next will be better than what I had chosen. Blessing


  3. It’s not easy for us to accept what we think “is meant to be” when it isn’t “meant to be.” Plus we don’t see why not it isn’t and that makes it hard also. Maybe some day God will let us look back and see the bullet we dodged.

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